Why You Suck As A Personal Trainer?

Personal training is a field that is constantly growing. The amount of institutes that exist now makes its extremely convenient for anyone to become of trainer. But beware not all personal trainers are created equal. Let’s be honest back in 2014 I quit my 9 to 5 job, decided to pursue my passion as a trainer, bought a certification package from NCCPT and pass it with flying colors. Yes that easy I become a trainer. But I’ve dedicated years in learning how the human body works, how muscles contract, what diets are best, understanding macros and the listed goes on. If you’re a new trainer or thinking about it, just like any other job that’s providing you an income, take it seriously and honor your craft.

I’ve trained at so many gyms in my lifetime and as a personal trainer myself, seeing trainer who don’t take their craft seriously really upset me for several reasons. One this is a very rewarding professional that give you the opportunity to help someone reveal the best version of themselves. Two the people you train, your clients are paying good money for your service. Commercial, private or online, it isn’t a cheap expense. And three, I’m someone who’s always thinking of ways to provide a better service for my clients and I wish more trainer had a similar mentality.

Knowledge is power. I’m sure everyone has heard that saying at least once in their lifetime but knowledge isn’t much if you don’t apply it. Therefore to me “applied knowledge is power”. More trainers need to understand that the fitness industry is always changing therefore us as trainer need to adapt. Adapt to new training strategies, diets, macros and scientific studies in order to provide accurate information for our clients to help them reach their goals. Every time a trainer ask me for advice on how to become a great trainer my response 10 out of 10 times is always the same, “never stop learning”. The more versatile you are as a trainer, the more lives you can change with your service. This goes beyond money. You can have all the money in the world then suddenly die and no one will ever miss you. If you have hundreds, thousands or even millions of lives that you’ve touched, you’ll never been forgotten.

Gyms have always been male dominant. I’ve trained at gyms where the amount of women that were in the gym(not include the gym staff) you could count on one hand. So I get how easy it can be to get a new client who’s a female, good looking and may want more than training sessions with you. Please try to avoid this at all cost because it can ruin your entire reputation as a fitness professional. Business and pleasure never mix well similar to water and oil. Treat all your clients equally. If you wouldn’t sleep with the client who is slightly overweight, don’t try it with the one who isn’t. Great rule to live by for any professional in any industry.

Honor your craft! We live in a time period where we use social media multiple times throughout the day. I’m guilty of this myself. But I’ve never trained a client while being on my phone texting, checking my Instagram, sending Snapchats, etc. because my eyes always need to be on my client(s). The beauty of being a personal trainer is that you can identify problem areas that yous client had no idea about. How will you be able to catch these things if you eyes are glued to your phone? The honest truth is that you can’t because your focus is elsewhere and not on your client(s).  The last you want is your client to get hurt during a training session. Next time your training a client follow these simple steps:

  1. Set your timer for the length of the session
  2. Put your phone on vibrate/silent
  3. Put your phone in your pocket
  4. Only pull out your phone to check how much time you have remaining then immediately put away
  5. Put all your focus on your client(s)
  6. Simplify how you would like them to adjust their form if needed
  7. Pull your phone out when the time goes off

This behavior of how you conduct yourself as a trainer will not only bring you more clients for your business. you’ll be viewed as the trainer that honors their craft. The people who constantly watch others in the gym will have no choice but to respect your work ethic and there’s no better feeling than that. Trust me when I say this. THERE IS NO BETTER FEELING!

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