How You Can Decrease The Amount Of Time It Takes You To Meal Prep?

Meal prepping can be an easy task for someone who has done it many times. Similar to anything in life, the more you do something, the better and more efficient you will become. It’s okay to struggle the first few times. The good news is that it won’t this way forever. I’ve utilize meal prepping since that beginning of my weight loss journey back in 2011.There are golden rules that I follow when I’m short on time or just don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen. If you can incorporate these tips, your meal preparation will be breeze which will allow you to focus on others tasks for the day.


First things first, step foot in your kitchen and take a look around. Do you have an oven? Do you have a rice cooker? Do you have an indoor/outdoor grill? I want you guys to be aware of all the possible tools you have available to you that you can utilize while you meal prep. There’s no sense in using the stove for all your foods, if you have to wait for one items to be done to start cooking the next. Think about how can I cook everything I need all at once? The more foods that can be cooked simultaneously, the less amount of time you’ll spend simply waiting. You want to be as efficient as you can in the kitchen based on the amount of food you need to prep. If you’re someone like me who preps the same things for weeks or even months, start playing a game against yourself where you try to beat your time the last time you prepped. This can be fun and challenging but the main benefit is that it makes you think of ways on how to reduce the time you spend prepping your meals. I highly suggest you try this!


Shopping at the supermarket today is very different from a few decades ago, from what I’ve been told of course. We have variety of convenience items being sold to make our lives easier. Please keep in mind, additional convenience will cost some extra money. Remember the last time you went to the car wash on a beautiful day and purchased a basic wash for your car? Then you see another car just drive right pass you to get their wash while you were still waiting in line? That’s a VIP service that will cost you some extra dollars. Is it worth it? Absolutely if you’re someone who doesn’t like wasting time waiting in lines which brings me to my next tip. Buy vegetables that can be microwaved or can be eaten as is. I use Cauliflower Stir Fry Crumbles a lot during my preps especially when I’m trying to cut weight. I fill up to about half on each tupperware right out of the bag and it actually cooks or softens when I warm it up in the microwave prior to eating. Extremely convenient but worth it in my opinion.


If you’re undecided about what you would like to prep for your protein source, you’re overthinking it. If it doesn’t need to be chopped, marinated for a couple hours or sauteed first then baked, its probably going to be a good and quick choice. Anything that starts with “ground” are my staples. Ground turkey, ground beef, ground chicken, etc. are all great options because you can toss it in a pan, stir it a few times, season it, stir it a few more times and before you know it its fully cooked. Bonus tip in case you’re always on the go, add your condiments to all of your meals right after you get done prepping. I like to add mozzarella cheese, sriracha sauce and sriracha ketchup to my meals. This allows me to just grab my meals and go without having to think of what to add the day of.


I hope that now everyone reading can see easy and simple meal prepping can be. The more you have think about that foods you would like to eat for that week, the more difficult it will become. If you follow these simple rules moving forward, meal prepping will always be a breeze to get done. At the end of the day, you and only you should enjoy the foods you’re eating. If it’s boring to others, who care because as long as it’s bringing you closer to your goals, that’s ultimately all that matters!

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