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If working out is relatively new to you, its likely you’re still finding ways to make fitness a lifestyle change for you. The more you do something the more of a habit it will become in your routine. But what happens when you have to travel for work or vacation? Simple answer is just not to go to the gym at all but we all know that the feeling of getting our workout done each and everyday. It’s something to look forward to. I know I sure do! There are ways to prepare for whats to come in the future. Hopefully the tips below help you still get your workout done even when you are away from home.

Plan Ahead: If you have booked a hotel or have a place that you will be staying at, do a quick google search on the gyms in the surrounding area. Depending on where you are visiting chances are you should be able to find a gym that can meet your current needs in your fitness journey. Most gyms theses days have a website with photos of the facility. Take the time to educate yourself of the equipment they have available that you can utilize during your stay.

Take Advantages Of Guest Passes: It is extremely rare to find gyms that don’t offer guest passes for either a couple days or even a week to potential new members. Use this to your advantage. I can speak from experience that paying for a day pass everyday at about $10-$15 can add up really quick. If you can waive that fee, the more likely you will want to go to the gym to workout. Once you find your gym by planning ahead of course, visit the gym’s website and look to see what guest passes they have available during your stay or call the gym and ask about guest passes.

Create A Schedule: When I’m home, I typically train around the same time every day but when I’m away it become easy to train at different times of the day. This can create a conflict on your mood to even go to the gym because you don’t have a set time for your workout. How do you fix this? Let’s say you’re away for work, you should know where you have to be and at what specific times for conference, meeting, presentations, etc.. Add the gym into that schedule and work around things that must get done. If you can commit to first thing in the morning do that! If you can commit to later in the afternoon that can work too! As long as your able to include your workout into your daily schedule, you’ll have a higher chance of committing to your journey while you’re away.

Accountability Partner: When I’m home, I tend to take my training extremely serious but when I’m away I like to have fun while I train. With that being said its never a bad idea to reach out to family, friends or even coworkers who are committed to the fitness lifestyle as much as you are. This will give you an opportunity to catch up with another individual while having someone there giving you an extra push if and when you need it. Be sure to choose your accountability partner wisely.

Have A Plan B: In the event that you are visiting a place that has no gyms available in the area, you have to find other ways to be active. If you’re a runner going out for a light jog may be great for you. If you’re near hiking trails, that may be a fun way to get your body moving. But if you prefer staying indoors to break a sweat, packing some resistance bands, push up bars, dumbbells, etc. can help still get a solid workout with having to visit a local gym.