Online Coaching Assessment

Thank you for choosing Fitness Kensho as your Coach and welcome to your Online Coaching Assessment. Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge in order to design a program that best fits your goals.

Full Name:

Job Title:

What health & fitness goal(s) are you trying to achieve?
Choose one activity level:

Have you ever Strength Trained before? If so please list what kind of split you were following and the duration.

What are some things you would like emphasized in your training program? This will help me customize your training program as effective as possible. Please be as specific. For example, "I want to develop my chest, strengthen my hamstrings and lose 20 lbs".

Which days out the week are you willing to devote to a training program? (Ex. Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun.)
On the days you provided above, how much time can you devote to each training session? (Ex. 60-90 mins)
Do you currently have a gym membership? If so which club?
Do you currently have any existing or previous injuries? If so are there any exercises that are not recommend by your physician or physical therapist?
Have you ever used the FREE app called "MyFitnessPal"? If not please download the app and become familiar with its features as it will help track your meals and calories each day.

Do you know how many calories you typically eat each day? If not please provide a caloric estimate or answer N/A.

Describe in detail what your current daily diet consist of? Please list every meal/snack that you eat in a typical day. Ex. Breakfast 9 am: 2 eggs & 2 egg whites scrambled w/ 2 slices of wheat toast, Snack: 11 am 1 cup of plain Greek Yogurt w/ 1/4 a cup of Granola & a chopped Banana, Lunch 2pm: 5 oz of Grilled Chicken Breast, 1 cup of Brown Rice and Broccoli, etc.
Are there any foods that you are allergic to or can't eat? If so, please list which foods.

When you begin your coaching service will you be meal prepping for several days, cooking meals the day of or eating out?

How many days out of the week do you eat out?

How much water do you drink daily?
How many hours of sleep do you get each night?

How many days out of the week do you consume alcohol?

How many days out of the week do you use recreational drugs?

Online coaching clients typically get started with Week 1 on a Monday. If Monday of this week falls within 72 hours of today's date, please choose the Monday of the following week. When do you plan on beginning your online coaching service? This date will ensure that your program is revised and completed before your start date.

Every week on Thursday or Friday(You CHOOSE the day) by 12pm EST, you are required to email body weight readings for the week(Recommended to weigh yourself first thing in the morning) and Full body pictures from head to toe(Front, Side & Back) in good lighting. These photos can be taken in boxers or shorts if you're a male. If you're a female, two piece bathing suit or boy shorts w/ a sports bra are acceptable attires. Please keep in mind these photos and weigh in's will help me track your progress while making necessary adjustment to your program as needed. Will you have any issues providing that each week?

I like to spotlight my clients progress on social media. You face can be covered and your Instagram won't be tag if you wish. Will you be oppose to having your progress displayed to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and to help promote my online coaching service?

Weekly phone call or video chats may be mandated for the first 2 weeks in order to monitor starting progress and clarify any questions or concerns. Every week after that, clients have the choice of scheduling their own calls or not doing them at all. These typically take place on Saturday & Sundays for roughly 15-25 mins. Do you have any conflict with availability on these days?

Is there anything that you would like to add that wasn't asked in the questions above?

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