No Weak Point Training Program

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This is a 12-week program which is tailor to beginners and intermediate lifters who wish to create a solid foundation in their physique from performing the squat, bench & deadlift which are the compound lifts. The program is designed as a Push, Pull & Legs split but broken down into 3 phases which become more challenging as you progress. Phase 1 will consist of performing all three lifts with high volume in order to perfect the movements. Phase 2 will focus more on building explosiveness while increasing time under tension. Phase 3 will focus on increasing intensity on all the big three lifts. Assistance and accessory exercises are including after the compound exercises are completed. A programming legend is included to clarify things such as supersets, drop sets, progressive overload, warm-up sets, etc. On top of that, video demonstrations of each exercise have been also been included in case you’re completely new to the gym or need a refresher on certain exercises and a FAQ section to clarify any concerns you may have. For questions that weren’t addressed in the FAQ section, lifetime support of the program will be available. Just email with any concerns and I’ll respond in 2-3 business days or sooner. I have personally tested this program and have made great progress in the past few months following it. If you follow this program and push yourself to get better each training session, you will see your physique transform as well!


*This is a NOT a physical copy of the program! This is an ebook that can be download directly to any computer or mobile smartphone. After purchase users will be able to download the ebook up to 3 times within 48 hours. If you have any issues downloading the ebook, please email with your order number in the subject line. NO REFUNDS ON EBOOK TRAINING PROGRAMS*



6 Day No Weak Point Training Split

Day 1: Bench Focus Push Session

Day 2: Squat Focus Leg Session

Day 3: High Volume Pull Session

Day 4: High Volume Push Session

Day 5: Deadlift Focus Leg Session

Day 6: High Volume Pull Session

Day 7: Rest

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