Overeating Is What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Dream Body!

Over consuming on foods is extremely popular is today’s society. After a long day at work, you arrive home to relax and binge watch a show until it’s time to go to bed. Home is our comfort zone so it’s fairly easy to eat everything in sight and lose track of of our goals. Speaking from personal experience, portion control was huge for me at the start of my fitness journey because my mind was channelled to eat and eat till I was full as opposed to being satisfied. I’ve said this in previous articles and I’ll say it again, “food is fuel the same way gas is fuel to a car”. Consume foods that will allow you to power through the day. If you have goals of changing your body and improving your health, the tips I’ll provide in this article can help keep you get on the right path to achieve them.

Create A Grocery List

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It may seem tedious but walking around the grocery store without list of the things you need is one of the main reasons why a lot of people buy what they want instead. Foods that we want are or can become triggers that we lean towards when we want that feeling of comfort. Simple solution is to not buy them at all. Keep them far away from your home and resort to foods that will only compliment your goals.

Calories In Versus Calories Out

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So many fitness professionals over complicated nutrition in the attempt to sell their meal plans or products. Understand this, the determining factor of you losing weight is eating less than what your body burns. That is how a deficit is created not eating any magic foods. All foods have calories remember that!. Even though I personally don’t track vegetables when dieting due to the low caloric value, never think that just because a certain food has good health benefits, that you can eat as much as you want of it. Everything has calories so keep that in mind next time you’re relaxing and your craving start kicking in.

Stay Busy

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Beyonce while working on one of her albums went hours without eating because she was so consumed with her music. I’m not advocating that missing meals is the smart thing to do but the concept of staying busy will distract your cravings of eating something you’ll later regret. If we are just lounging around the house either watch TV or scrolling through social media, there’s potential to see an advertisements for junk food. The more we keep our mind focused on a task that isn’t related to food, the more consistent we will in turn be with our lifestyle change. So don’t afraid to pick up that new hobby, start reading that new book or even educating yourself on a new skill. All of these will take your mind away from food until you’re actually hungry and it’s time to refuel!

Brush Your Teeth/Wash Your Mouth

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Have you ever brushed your teeth and immediately wanted to eat something? I’m sure the answer is no! After eating a meal either brush your teeth and wash your mouth with Listerine. That will kill the urge of you wanting to continue eating or grabbing something else to snack on. Use this to your advantage when you have weak moments. We are all human and cravings happen to the best of us. If your not hungry but your mind is making you think you’re hungry, wash your mouth or brush your teeth. That craving will soon go away and you won’t even remember what you had a craving for!

Stay Away From All You Can Eat

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Going out to eat is always a challenge when you’re trying to change your eating habits but a challenge doesn’t mean impossible. Be strategic when you go out to eat. A buffet is a place you want to avoid because you pay a one time fee and you can eat as much as you want. Even myself, I have trouble eating within my calories means at a buffet therefore I just avoid it all together. Instead go to places where 1) you can look up the menu online prior to arriving and 2) you can track as accurate as you can on MyFitnessPal or a similar app. Even though tracking while eating out isn’t 100% accurate, use your best judgement and over estimate when needed. It’s always better it overestimate than underestimate on calories. You can still lose weight by overestimating but you probably can’t if you are not truthful with the amount your truly consuming.

Self Talk & Visualization

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We all have moments where our weaknesses get the best of us. Some days I’m tired and all I want to do is just grab a few donuts & a pizza before going home to stuff my face. But I have to ask myself if that is going to help me reach my goals? The answer is always no! It’s always important to have a goal and visualize it becoming a reality because that mental picture can serve as a way to keep you disciplined. Self talk & visualization can be utilized to change any habit. It’s a way for you to check yourself before you commit to going back to your bad habits. Not only will this help you stay on track but it also be a constant reminder for the next time you feel the need to cheat on your diet!

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