Master Your Discipline So That You Can See Success In The Gym!

No motivation is required when you have a discipline! I can recall so many days where I just posted a workout video on my Instagram and I receive a message saying “I wish I had your motivation”. The honest truth is that the more experience you acquire from practicing a certain skill or activity, the less so called “motivation” is required. Everyone has their own life to manage and responsibilities that come with it, but with a sold routine that strengthens the discipline is how most successful people are able to do what they do. Discipline comes with time but establishing a routine that you can commit to on a daily basis is the best way to be successful in any field.

Training Scheduling

Analyze your current schedule and see where you can fit your training session in the gym. If you work a 9 to 5 that can be stressful at times, where you schedule your training session matters! For example, for myself in particular I currently work a 9:30pm-8am overnight job. Knowing that I may or may not be exhausted when I clock out of work, I choose to schedule my training session around 4-5pm after I’ve had some sleep and wake up with a clear mind. Sometimes our jobs can get the best of us and that may impact our workouts in the gym or even cause us to want to skip the gym. If you work a job that you love and is never stressful, you are blessed. But if you work a job where some days you may get out on time and some days where you won’t, thinking of scheduling your workout before work may benefit you to stay consistent in the gym without the added stress of working your full time job. If you can allocate a time slot in your schedule that you will never miss is one thing that has worked for me. I like to think of it as a class in college that I must attend and knowing that other things won’t affect me showing up, helps me rarely miss a day in the gym.

Meal Timing

With the fitness industry continuing to grow, different myths are being broadcast to the world. I’m sure everyone has heard the old myth of “don’t eat carbs after 8pm”. I’ll be the first to say that meal timing for the average individual is not as important as to someone who lets say is a powerlifter, bodybuilders, athlete, etc. If you want to lose weight and following a low carbohydrate diet where you’re only eating about 50-150 g of carbs a day, its okay to leave those carbs for later in the evening when you mostly crave carbs. Get to know yourself and learn what works for you versus what doesn’t work for you. No matter what your goals are, if you reserve your carbs for later in the evening lets say before bed time, yes you’ll feel weaker during your workout but you get to enjoy foods you like when your home relaxing. Any knowledgeable fitness professional can tell you that you can’t out train a bad diet. Therefore structuring your meal times to make sure you’re happy while remaining consistent with your diet is the most important factor for you reaching your goal(s).

Reserve A New Circle

You are a product of the company you keep! I’m not suggesting to cut all ties with people that you have in your life for years but instead limit the time you spend with them. The more comfortable you get in the gym, the more friends you’ll make with people who share the same fitness lifestyle. You won’t be excited to go to the gym every day. On those days use your friends to keep you consistent. Something I’ve notice within my own fraternity via Instagram is that brothers will post on their stories and tag each other a picture of them in the gym with a caption of “just checking in”. Something as simple as that can give you that extra push from those you keep around to make sure you take the necessary steps to continue to master your discipline in the gym.

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