Losing Weight Too Quickly? A Bad Thing?

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast that just finished up bulking or someone who’s been thinking about shedding a few pounds, losing weight too quickly has more negative effects then positive ones. We live in a society now where everyone wants the quickest way on how to accomplish something. Weight loss is included in that topic of conversation. The increase in “Fad Diets” has given the community the idea that losing 15-20 lbs in just a matter of weeks is realistic and sustainable. After reading some fitness magazines that promote these “fad diets”, each diet puts too many limitations to sustain in the long term. Our bodies are programmed to adapt including what we eat in our diet but shifting from eating freely to a low calorie restricted diet can cause negative effects and not motivate you to continue with your journey.


Loss Of Strength/Low Energy Levels: If you’ve been training in a caloric surplus/maintenance you will notice that you’re excited, energetic and strong during your workouts because you have the necessary fuel to get through your day. The weights are moving smoothly and your energy is at an all time high. Dramatically decreasing your calories will take a tool on how you feel throughout the day. You’ll soon realize that the weight that was once easy is now harder or even impossible to lift, it can become more difficult to get out of bed and even difficult to maintain satiety throughout the day just to name a few. The best approach is to focus on small wins when trying to lose weight. Instead of thinking about the most amount of weight you can lose in a week, focus on losing a healthy amount around 1-2 lbs per week to allow your body to slowly adapt to the new changes. Focus on the small wins!


Risk Of Loose Skin: There are two layers of tissue that reside under the skin: fat tissues and muscle tissues directly underneath. As someone who was once overweight, I had fears of having loose skin. I did some research and educated myself in order to minimize or not have loose skin at all. The verdict was that I had to build muscle while dropping body fat. This can be done mostly by untrained individuals, people who have never experienced the training stimulus. For someone who is morbidly obese, the skin may have been stretch out so much that only surgery can fix it but taking your time with your weight loss can reduce loose skin on certain areas by increasing your muscle mass while reducing you body fat also known as a body re-composition.


Risk Of Losing Muscle Mass: Aggressive diets can decrease your hard earn muscle that you’ve worked so hard for. Even though you will be losing weight more quickly, it’s doesn’t necessarily mean it will be all fat. Fat mass is the amount of fat you have on your body and lean body mass is everything else from organs, bones, skin, body water & muscle mass. You ever heard the term “the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll have to consume”? Dramatically decreasing your calories immediately will not give your muscle the nutrition it needs to retain it. Even if you take it slow during your weight loss, there always a small risk of muscle loss, but taking your time and can significantly reduce the amount of muscle loss while dieting.

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