How To Make This New Year Different From Past Years

Every year on January 1st, many individuals attempt to start going to the gym to either improve their health, physical appearance or just to take on a new challenge. New gym members can look at the more experienced lifters and say to themselves “they make it look so easy”. The reality is that is wasn’t always that way. Most of us had to force this habit through constant repetitions for it to become a lifestyle. Anytime you try to do something for the first time it will be tough but if you have the right mindset and continue to educate yourself with credible information, what was once tough before, will become easy for you as well.

Before you even think of stepping foot in the gym have a game plan. With fitness being at an all time high, its easy to find exercises or training programs to follow to get the ball rolling. Use this to your advantage! As an untrained individual, there’s only so much work load your body can handle and going to the gym, performing every exercise/machine for legs as an example may not be the best approach. Instead write out 4-5 exercises to start out with each day and progress through those movements. I like to think of going to the gym the same as going grocery shopping. Typically if we go grocery shopping without a shopping list, we tend to purchase things we don’t necessarily need. Same goes with the gym! If we step foot in the gym without a plan of attack, you will soon find yourself performing all the exercises you see other members doing. More doesn’t always mean better! Start small, progress slowly and you’ll prevent yourself from feeling exhausted from the stimulus of strength training.

The internet exist therefore research fitness professionals who have uploaded tutorials on how to perform certain exercises. If you’re going to begin your journey performing the compound exercises such as Bench, Squats & Deadlifts, I would highly suggest to study on how these are performed due to the high risk of injury if not perform correctly. Some of my favorite YouTubers who provide great content for their viewers are Jeff Nippard, Chris Jones from Pumpchasers, Terron Beckham, OmarIsuf and the list goes on. Use these videos to educate yourself on the proper way to remain safe in gym while still making progress throughout your journey. Its 2019 now so there’s no excuse to not know how to do something!

If your goal is weight loss, patience is key. You didn’t gain the unwanted weight overnight. Its something that accumulated through your past bad habits so don’t expect change immediately. Instead trust the process and monitor your progress on a weekly basis. At my heaviest weight at around 300 lbs, it took about a year and a half to lose the weight through trial & error and finding new ways to stick to my diet to remain consistent with my new fitness lifestyle. While their are some foods you should absolutely stay away from, there are so many foods you can enjoy that will only help you reach the progress you desire. Focus on those foods and cook them to your liking. The most common mistake most people make is focusing on the things we can’t do which creates a huge limitation on our lives because of our old habits. I suggest you make a list of foods you can eat and pick and choose from there. That way you have several options to choose from, you continue to change your eating habits and your body and/or health will start to improving. It’s a marathon not a sprint so take your time and make the necessary adjustment as needed.

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