How Small Changes Can Become Huge Changes

When embarking in anything new, it’s important to to start small so that you prevent feeling overwhelmed. A lot of times we tend to want to become experts to start something, when in reality waiting will only delay the results we desire. When it comes to your fitness journey, look at all the habits that are prevented you from achieving your dream body and focus on the small things you can change in a short amount of time versus the overall big goal. If the small goals are headed in the same direction as the larger goal, you will see progress in the efforts you are making and eventually become successful at your goal if your remain consistent & discipline.

The Scale

Let’s say you have a weight loss goal of 50 lbs. This may seem like an eternity if the scale isn’t moving fast enough. A quick fix that a lot of us fitness professional implement is creating a weekly weight loss goal. For my online coaching clients, I give them a goal to lose 1-2 lbs per week and over a period of time they get closer to their end goal. 1-2 lbs a week is more realistic than finding a way to lose 50 lbs in the fastest way. Remember that outside of the gym you have other responsibilities that require your energy so following a diet that can potentially affect your energy levels dramatically isn’t the smartest idea. Please refer to my past blog article “Losing Weight Too Quickly? A Bad Thing?” for more information on the risks involved when losing weight too fast.

Buy Food In Servings Not Bulk

Next time you step foot in the kitchen, take a look around and look for foods that attract your taste buds. If they are sweets, soda, chips or any other processed food, just go ahead and toss those out or give them away. You don’t want them in your home if they are triggers for you. They will serve no benefits in your current fitness journey especially when it comes to weight loss. But if you have some healthy options or foods that aren’t very calorically dense, next time you go shopping look into buying them in individual serving sizes. Reason being is that it’s easy to snack on a bag of almonds or rice cakes and realize a few minutes later that you’ve eaten more than you should have. I’ve been guilty of this and I can assure you that you are not alone! The convenience of having separate serving may cost a bit more so if you prefer saving a few dollars at the store, use gladware or zip lock bags to package them separately instead. It’s all about building the discipline to eat just one or two servings but not over indulge. Also if you’re always on the go like myself, having these quick servings ready to go make great snacks to ensure you are not going long periods of time without fueling your body. Even though you are dieting, missing meals or unintentionally fasting should be avoided.

Compete With Yourself

Have you ever been in the gym, took a look around and saw someone with an physique you admire? I’m sure everyone has experience that but I’ll say this, don’t worry what the next person is doing! Just focus on you and only you because everyone is at different points of their fitness journey. Comparing yourself to another individual will only cause you to lose the motivation in your journey. I highly suggest getting a workout journal or downloading an app on your phone to document your workouts in the gym. If the next week you do more repetitions, lift more weight or perform the same distance of cardio in a shorter amount of time, thats a small win! Not only does that give you satisfaction that your efforts are working, it’s also keeps you motivated to continue your own journey. At times we miss the small progress we make in the gym because we focus on the bigger goal way to much. Yes improving our appearance is important to us but if your getting stronger or able to move like you’ve never had before, thats a huge accomplish too!

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