My mission is to help you start living
a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Hi, my name is Chayan Gonzaque, and welcome to my fitness page. I began my fitness journey in 2012 when I was almost approaching 300lbs. I currently weigh 225lbs with a 17% body fat. I plan on continuing to improve my body as best as I can in order to help motivate others to begin a fitness journey of their own.

Everyday I looked at myself in the mirror and I wasn't happy with the person I've become. I wasn't following any specific diet at the time. I was eating out or ordering delivery way too often and never establish a consistent workout routine. I decided at that point that I was the only person that had the power to change the way I looked. From that point on I've dedicated my life to a healthier and more active Chayan.

I signed up at Planet Fitness and began working towards my new body immediately. After a year of weight training and adjusting my diet in several different ways, I had lost 60 lbs. At this point the muscle definition was displaying as expected. I didn't feel like I belong at Planet Fitness anymore. Therefore I needed a new gym with a new feel and unfamiliar faces where I can take my transformation to another level. I am currently a Full-Time Certified Personal Trainer & Online Coach helping other reach their health & fitness goals.

Most Recent Transformation | July 2016