5 Ways To Stay Consistent In The Gym

The gym is a great tool to improve your health, boost your confidence and to help release stress. But in order to receive these benefits you need to be consistent with your training program. Back in 2011, I wasn’t too excited to start going to the gym. There were certain days that I just had to force myself to the gym. I’ve learned a lot over the years between my own transformation to training clients at the gym to training clients online. We all face challenges when doing something new. I’ll provide you a few tips of how to stay consistent in the gym and hopefully it helps you reach your goals.

1.Treat Yourself With New Clothes

This may sound silly but it works. When I first started my fitness journey every 2-3 months, I would go out shopping and buy one article of clothing that I loved. If I was an extra large in t-shirts at the time, I would buy a large. I’ve now spent money on something that doesn’t quite fit but if I continue working hard in the gym, I’ll one day be able to wear it.

2. Prep Your Meals

One of the biggest challenges many beginners encounter is sticking to their diet for two reasons. One its cheaper to eat unhealthy and two processed foods satisfy our taste buds. If you can remain strict on your diet, the more progress you would make. The more progress you make, the more excited you will be to continue going to the gym. Spend about $50 each week to prepare your meals ahead of the time. Meal prepping helped me tremendously because it gave me a structure to my diet that I didn’t have before.

3. Have A Supportive Circle

If your friends don’t support your new lifestyle change, I suggest limiting the time you spend when them until you build a good relationship with food. If you ever met someone who has struggled with alcohol, its extremely tough for them to go out to nightclubs, bars, or even restaurants because the temptation to start drinking again. Your circle can be triggering you to go back to your bad eating habits without you even realizing it. Now don’t think I’m suggesting you completely replace your friends, but instead maybe look into other activities other than going out to eat to catch up with your current circle.

4. Establish Your Routine

With all the information readily accessible to us in this generation, there is no excuse to not know how to do something. I never hired a trainer. I never hired a coach. I took the time to watch videos on YouTube, read forums on various websites and followed some of the most knowledge Instagram accounts I could find. I suggest everyone to get informed before they step foot in the gym because without a proper game plan to execute, you’re asking the give up sooner than you’d like. Get informed!!!

5. Become The Identity Of Someone Who Workouts

I recently read a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear where he discusses becoming the habit you’re trying to establish. I’ve heard many people tell me “I want to go the gym” but their “want” soon loses value over time. Instead saying “I’m a person that goes to the gym”, you are now identifying with the habit you want to create and the person you want to become.

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